Chocolate covered strawberrys

My parents are visiting this week and my darling mother asked if I would make her some chocolate covered strawberries. We happened to go to Costco a few days later and picked up the most beautiful 4 pounds of strawberries I think I have seen. We also stopped by Winco to pick up some dark chocolate discs. I thought I would write this up really quick because I’ve been feeling guilty at not being a consistent blogger.

So here we go

First start out by giving your berries a quick rinse  and then placing them on a paper towel to soak up the moisture.


SAM_2475 SAM_2486

While the berries are drying, fill up your double boiler (or any standard med. sized pot) with water about halfway and turn on the stove to get it up to a simmer and get your chocolate ready to melt by placing it in a bowl (like a pyrex mixing bowl or like)


Once the water is simmering (not at a full boil) reduce heat to low and place your bowl full of chocolate on top to start melting the chocolate. Make sure that the water is hot but not boiling because this will cause the chocolate to possibly seize or become overdone. Work to melt the chocolate by mixing it with a rubber spatula until it is smooth and fluid. Prepare for your dipped berries by setting out a cookie sheet with some wax paper or use a reusable cookie liner if you have one. Now you are ready to dip your berries!

SAM_2494 SAM_2497

I like to grasp the berries by the leafy part  to make sure that the top doesnt get dipped in chocolate and also to allow me to dip as much of the berries as I can. I dip them in and out and around making sure to cover the berry several times. This will make a thicker coating. Once they are dipped to your liking you can set them on the cookie sheet and work until the whole sheet is done.

SAM_2499 SAM_2502

Be sure to put the berries in the fridge to let the chocolate set and then Enjoy!

I would like to add that on this night I was in a bit of a hurry because there was a yummy in and out burger waiting for me =] so they are not as pretty as I would like but whether you spend a ton of time or  do them quickly I can guarantee that they will be delicious!


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