Our brave boys…..

My family and I have family friends that go back forever and a day. Before my mother met my wonderful step daddy it seems like her only support outside of family was an amazing, wild, crazy, and loving woman named Vicki. She was our next door neighbor in the old apartments and one of the reasons that my mother made it through being a single mother (at least in my opinion!) She would come over and make platter after platter of egg rolls with my mom and then we would all sit and talk  and laugh while eating them up! Since she was in the apartment right next to ours so were our patios and they were only separated by a few pieces of wood and they would just sit out there with their chairs right against the divider and whisper and giggle like school girls. She was and is my mothers best friend and comadre. At that time Vicki only had one son Anthony who was around the same age as my little brother. I cant say Anthony and I were close growing up because of the age difference I had different things on my mind like concerts girlfriends and of course BOYS! Still I think of him fondly as another little brother to me. We have always kept in touch however sporadically and I will always consider them family.


Here’s a picture of his little brother Aidan honoring his brother.

aidant aidan

Here is a picture of my beautiful friend Vicki

I wanted to show my support to Vicki and her family during this difficult time and decided to crochet her and Anthony up some slippers. I used the pattern that I bought from Tara Murray here Oma for Vicki… and Opa for Anthony. I crochet the slippers with a tan sole and a camouflage body. I can’t wait to see these on them and I certainly hope that everytime Anthony or Vicki wear them they will know just how much I appreciate and love them.

Here is a picture of the finished items sorry its not the best quality I will try to get better ones soon =]

SAM_2225 SAM_2227 SAM_2229


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