When I move past this life….

Tonight I watched the move seeking a friend for the end of the world and it ended the way that I feared but left such a beautiful impression on me. I wanted the movie to have some miraculous resolution and for the world not to end at the end of it but it stayed true to reality. Sometime in the distant or maybe not so distant future this world will come to an end, either for us one at a time or all together and I don’t want my final moments on earth to be filled with regret. I want to know that I have lived my life as honestly, as kindly, and as consciously as I possibly could.

Before I die I want…

…to laugh so long and hard that I turn red, cry, and possibly pee my pants a little, take a breath and then do it again.
….to marry my best friend and forge a brave new path through the unexplored.
…to live in a house with a picket fence, a craft room/studio above the garage.
…. to make peace with the things and the people that haunt me.
…to take long hikes and not hurt somewhere on my body.
…to shave my head.
..to have hair down to my butt
…to love myself unconditionally.
…to be kind to those who would hurt me (emotionally, spiritually, physically).
…to be rich enough to not have to worry about money but humble enough not to not become a snob.
..to live in a brownstone in new york.
…to visit every ballpark in the united states.
…to go camping with out any modern comforts.
…to walk into a store and not worry whether they have my size.
….to wear heels more than 5 hours and not puss out and take them off.
….to own a Hermes Birkin bag
….to party in Ibiza
…to be a mother
….to finally have the kind of house that is clean clean CLEAN
….to be a runner again
….to own a swimming pool and swim at least an hour a day!
…to lie down in a meadow full of flowers and watch the clouds roll by.
…to be a better person.
..to speak my mind
..to have the tact to know when NOT to speak my mind
….to dress in miniskirts
..to learn to play the drums
…to learn to sew
…..to learn how to plant a flower garden and KEEP it alive!
….to quit smoking
…to wear flowers in my hair.
…to find the perfect shade of red lipstick
….to stop biting my nails.
….to own an animal shelter.’
..to be a cat lady
…to rock a head full of grey hair
…to wear wigs
….to wear creepers..again.
…to travel the world
…to live in Hawaii
…to live in San Diego
….to have a farm in Connecticut
…to visit Paris
…to wear a bikini (even if its just in front of the mirror
….do so much more than I can think of here tonight.

What do YOU want to do?



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